Music Hall CD35.2 CD-player

Music Hall CD35.2 player is based on the same chassis as in the famous CD25, but the key parts have been upgraded. First of all, the transport has been updated - now the player has a high-current Blue Tiger loader from the Australian Stream Unlimited. The second significant novelty concerns the digital part. The developers decided to use Burr-Brown PCM1732 with a built-in HDCD decoder (although there are not many such discs, but still there) as a DAC. Modernization also touched the section of the clock generator. Also they did not forget about the power supply - a big-sized toroidal transformer is used to provide low-power circuits with clean energy.

The tonal balance of Music Hall CD35.2 should be considered to be exemplary. The most difficult for playing female vocals is practically free of sibilants, but in general the middle is perfectly articulated and maximally transparent. At times, the timbres of some acoustic instruments may seem to be somewhat smoothed, although there is no obvious reason for criticism here. In addition, you can feel it only in a very serious path. The upper frequencies are reproduced without digital tint, freely, but with the necessary air. The bass seemed to be somewhat weakened by the pressure. In the main part the low-frequency register is quite energetic and detailed, but its deepest components are not so powerful. The sound scene is detailed and quite large-scale. The sound space is perceived to be in some way sparse, without the usual dense layout, but the focusing of imaginary sources is not reduced at all.

Music Hall CD35.2 CD-player photo