Music Hall CD15.2 CD-player

Music Hall engineers took several years to create this player. The result of hard work was a massive (almost six kilos of weight) player, performed in classical proportions. The transport mechanism occupies the right side of the case, and to the left there is an LCD-display showing all the current information about the reproduced content. In order to reduce the vibration of the whole structure, the aluminum front panel has a solid thickness, and special dampers are used as support legs.

The heart of digital processing is the time proved PCM 1739 from Texas Instruments with parameters of 24/192. The device reads only CDs and this once again demonstrates the seriousness of the manufacturer's approach. If desired, Music Hall CD15.2 player can be used as a separate transport - to connect an external DAC, there are both coaxial and optical digital outputs.

This player clearly does not apt to unrestrained drive, rather to a slightly melancholic and quiet flow of musical material. The sound scene is wide-scale, but it has the lack of depth and three-dimensionality. Virtual images tend to be drawn to loudspeakers without going into free space.

An explicit priority is given to the voice middle - it is quite open and harmoniously legible. The reaction of Music Hall CD15.2 to the powerful dynamic bursts is unexpectedly calm. If the attack of drums instruments is perceived quite naturally, then lower in the spectrum the sound may seem to be a little blurry and rude. The top, on the contrary, is extremely open and full of nuances. Speaking about resolution in the HF range, it will find few competitors.

Music Hall CD15.2 CD-player photo