Audio Analogue Crescendo CD-player

By the standards of this Italian company, Crescendo belongs to the initial level, although at first glance you can't say this. The player is quite heavy - it has a body made of thick metal sheets and a massive front panel made of milled aluminum. Internal content is not less impressive. A high-quality TEAC drive optimized for working with CDs is used for reading information. The digital path is based on a Burr-Brown converter with 24/192 parameters. An original re-clocking scheme is applied for a radical reduction in jitter. Particular attention is paid to the power supply system, in which a powerful toroidal transformer with separate windings for the various components of the player is installed.

The ideology of Italian developers is sound comfort, and, I must say, the player completely fits into it. When listening to this digital source, the feeling of analogy does not leave for a second. The sound of Audio Analogue Crescendo is peculiar to the maximum animation of the middle band (due to a small warm tint) and incredibly rich timbres. In general, you feel in the manner of the player a tendency to some smoothing of the sharpest edges. From this, for example, the bass register can be formally reproached for being too heavy, and the top - for the insufficiently sparkling discants. The canvas of the sound stage has practically no veil. The space unfolds almost life-size and fills the entire listening room. It is worth to specially note the ability to accurately form virtual images - their precise positioning is simply amazing.

Audio Analogue Crescendo CD-player photo