Audio Analogue Paganini 24/192 REV2.0 CD-player

The Italian player is distinguished by its laconic design, typical for all Audio Analogue products, and by a very high build quality. The Audio Analogue Paganini 24/192 REV2.0 has no trendy features and is customized exclusively to play traditional CDs. On the left side of the massive metal body there is a modified Teac CD-5010A CD drive. The choice of this transport is not random - it is able to read data with a minimum of errors and has little jitter. The digital part of the player consists of AK4114 receiver, AD1896 up-sampler from Analog Devices and AK4395 converter with a signal-to-noise ratio of about 120 dB. As befits to serious apparatus, the player has an advanced power supply system based on a "quiet" toroidal transformer. Not only the digital and analog parts of the circuit, but also the indication circuits, as well as secondary elements, such as the drive control module, are powered from its individual windings. For connection to the amp, audiophile RCA terminals as well as coaxial digital output are installed on the rear panel.

This is a very musical player that does not have the slightest touch of digital rigidity. The character fully corresponds to the ideas of analog sound, slightly smoothing sharp edges. This feature translates into the highest degree of comfort while listening, from which you literally do not get tired for hours. It is much more pleasant to listen to chamber music and light classics on this player than energetic rock or lively popular music. The vocals, especially the women, were very impressive. The edges of the range seemed somewhat soft. If you can get used to such reproduction of the upper band, then to get a solid bass you need a strict and precise interconnect cable. The scene has practically no veil, but is not too precisely framed around the edges. Meanwhile, exemplary order reigns in its center.

Audio Analogue Paganini 24/192 REV2.0 CD-player photo