Marantz PM6003 Amplifier

The new Marantz models are unmistakably recognizable at a glance, and the 90-watt PM6003 is not an exception. Although power is low, due to the high-current output stages the amplifier is not afraid of speakers with complex impedance. It uses a solid transformer and selected electronic components. Functional equipment of PM6003 is rich. There are fully-featured tone controls, loudness, Source Direct mode, a six-input switch, two recording loops and a built-in phono stage for MM-heads. All RCA sockets are gold-plated, and the screw-type output terminals are all-metal. External control is also provided - thanks to the D-Bus, you can command the entire Marantz system through one remote control.

I will firstly some softness of timbres at medium frequencies - already familiar handwriting of this brand. For example, the voices of performers acquire a velvety, matte shade, very comfortable for hearing. Macro-dynamics is also smoothed, but there is no apparent shortage. In general, the tendency to smooth sharp corners is noticeable in the amplifier's character, discovering its certain propensity for academic musical forms. Marantz PM6003 has an impressive deep bass register, but at the rich low-frequency passages the articulation slightly drops. The upper frequencies are presented with an abundance of air, discants are dynamic and crystal clear. The sound scene is large enough, but the virtual images are perceived to be slightly amorphous.

Marantz PM6003 Amplifier photo