Marantz PM6010 OSE Amplifier

At first glance, the PM6010 OSE has a retro touch to the front panel layout, harking back to Marantz' golden age amp models in the early 70's. He opens a new OSE (Original Special Edition) series of Marantz devices, in which, according to the idea of the company's ideologists, the quality is brought to the maximum possible for their money. The new amplifier belongs to the group of devices with minimal interference in the frequency response of the signal, so the tone controls and loudness are simply excluded from the path. Despite their absence, the amplifier has a Source Direct button, which also disables the balance control. In this case, only one volume control remains in the path, which, like the input selector, is controlled remotely. Among the numerous inputs, another trend of the times is provided - an input for connecting a CD recorder, as well as its control from a universal remote control. In fact, this input has replaced the second tape deck: copying from a CD recorder via the analog output is possible. We note once again the versatility of the remote control: when creating an audio system in a single-brand configuration, i.e. all Marantz units, from it you can fully control any device (while executing from 10 to 20 commands).

The clear and fresh sound of Marantz, like a crispy starched tablecloth, is slightly hemmed with a fringe of cracked high frequencies, and as a result, for example, a sonorous triangle in a symphony orchestra sometimes seems to be reproduced, as if under a sound carbon copy, by an echo. Spicy dishes here are not from oriental cuisine with its peppers and adjika, and with an abundance of pickles on the table, they have slightly lost their piquancy: it is not always possible to catch the quiet nuances of choral vocals against the background of its many-voiced power. The subtleties of taste can be felt only after satisfying the signs of hunger, however, the sharpness of sensations is lost, and it takes many discs to listen to fully appreciate the subtleties of quality. This device is not recommended for lovers of "sweeter food", because it does not have the "coloring" of sound loved by some, and the richness of taste sensations is achieved thanks to the exact following of well-known recipes. The formation of a stage image is like the arrangement of cutlery, made with strict and impeccable adherence to all the requirements of etiquette. Liberties are not allowed here, and only by the end of the dinner party you notice that you are somewhat heavier, and low frequencies, perhaps, lack lightness, and their tread becomes slightly heavy.

Price: $420
Marantz PM6010 OSE Amplifier photo