Dantax Octave 30 Floor standing speakers

Dantax Octave 30 is a three-way speaker system of bass-reflex type. The architecture of the speaker system has a good classical style with even, maybe, the tints of retro: neat parallelepiped case (900x220x310mm), which practically wasn't been affected by dissipation of anti-diffractive ideas, is faithful to aesthetics of the geometric simplicity due to all its twelve edges and eight angles. The tweeter with soft spherical dome (the diameter is 25 mm) is placed in the middle between two low-frequency conical loudspeakers with the diameter of 165 mm each. Bass reflex port is organized lower. The nominal input power of the system is 120W, the musical - 180W. Let's talk about frequency characteristic now. As you probably guess, the bottoms here are absolutely corrective: there is a necessary flatness and supposed monotony. And generally all necessary proprieties are included in order to refer the system to superior rank. The average irregularity of the characteristic is ± 3 dB, the emissions are quite rare and not destructive. The developers coped well with lacing of sub-bands; only little confuse is noted in the area of the crossover frequency of 4 kHz. Perhaps, these speaker systems can be referred to the category of the system with expressed individual sound, and notably it is hard to predict the overall opinion of audiophiles on this subject, their interpretation of this identity. However, it is safe to say that exactly there will not be any judgments about the quality of the system! The area of reliable stereo effect is quite wide. According to our data, the sensitivity turned out to be lower than it was stated by the manufacturer, but still very decent - 90 dB (92 dB by technical inscription). The characteristic of input impedance module is just excellent (impedance without big variations), and this will have an exceptionally beneficial impact on the general state of your amplifier and will allow it to realize its possibilities in its entirety. The bass reflex is tuned to the frequency of 35 Hz.

Dantax Octave 30 Floor standing speakers photo