Onkyo A-9210 Amplifier

Onkyo A-9210 has symmetric control panel design. Rectangular indicator lights up when enhancer under the volume adjustment located in the center is turned on. This indicator also has another function: it starts flushing in the muting mode. Electronic input selector placed on micro scheme can be adjusted by freely rotating knob so switching is available in a circle in any direction. By another similar knob placed in the right side direct canal is turned on. Though this tract doesn't deny current compensation chain. Remote doesn't allow turning off enhance feeding or switching it on the standby mode. It can provide only switching between five inputs and volume adjusting. Following control can be provided by system bus RI: tuner with preliminary settings scanning, CD-player and 2-cassette deck with full package of control functions (30 functions in total). The fact that remote is multipurpose confirms following circumstantial: there is distance control in the Tape-2 Monitor input of remote, though there is only manual (mechanical) enhance switcher on the A-9210. The maximum values of the rise and the dam at the tone controls for both low and high frequencies, 1.5-2 dB higher than the specified values, and the action is very effective loudness. Output power amplifier has been demonstrated slightly larger than the specified (62 instead of 60 W) and with a little headroom Distortion: 0.072% vs. 0.08%. Five for assessing the quality of the sound from this amp is well deserved.

Onkyo A-9210 Integrated Stereo Amplifier