Onkyo A-9310 Amplifier

The symmetric design of control panel is amplified with two light-emitting diodes; the one, showing selected input, glows constant, another becomes to spark at switching on muting mode. The electronic selector of inputs in the form of the handle, rotating in any direction, allows selecting any of six signal sources with DAT. You can choose any source for record and make a copy in any direction with a help of record selector, situated to the right from control handle (placed in the center). Connection of second graphic equalizer is provided instead of the second tape recorder, what increases the possibilities of the amplifier. Traditional circuits of balance and timbre control together with LOUDNESS circuit can be canceled by SOURCE DIRECT button; at the same time input signal goes directly to the power amplifier input and that's why, of course, general noises decreases. The remote control, except volume control, only allows to provide the choice of power signal source. But applied system slot RI gives the opportunity to control all functions of connected cassette decks, CD player and to scan preconfigured tuner (up to 30 functions). Such test listening confirmed the effectiveness of control in this amplifier. The effect of LOUDNESS in low frequency area is especially noticeable. Almost full accordance of all parameters with declared by the company pleasantly distinguishes this device among tested ones. The amplifier has output power of 82W (declared 80W) on the load resistance of 4 Ohm. High quality amplifier elements, big value of filter capacitors and quite a powerful transformer helped a lot. While the listening, a very good sound of the amplifier was estimated at its true worth.

Onkyo A-9310 Integrated Stereo Amplifier, Power output 60 Watts into 8 ohms