Denon DCD-2020AE CD-player

The device supports not only CD-Audio media but also the more advanced media such as SACD. It should be noted that if you choose the multi-channel track, the record is mixed into two channels and replayed in stereo variant. The device is maximally massive and is mounted on the signature anti-vibration chassis - Direct Mechanical Ground Construction. The drive is represented with the top signature S.V.H. mechanism with the cast aluminum tray. By the way, the louder works smoothly and softly enough, this also highlights its premium quality. Digital-to-analogue conversion is provided with the modern 32/192 chip which can work with the Direct Stream Digital (DSD) without the intermediate conversion to PCM. Moreover, the initial data is exposed to the upsampling procedure following the signature Advanced AL32 Processing algorithm of the latest-generation.

The power supply of DCD-2020AE digital and analogue parts is totally independent; it works due to its own power transformer on the EI-shaped cores. The output stage is symmetrical and features the select components and the minimal paths of signal passing. The player has an interesting ability to work as an external DAC. The device supports either coaxial and optical or asynchronous USB-connection with the 24/192.

The device has a great play fusion that allows bringing every nuance of recording to the listener. The device has the high dynamic qualities which do not give any reason for criticism. The player reproduces the attack and the bass well enough - with the exact structure, outstanding power and good depth. The midrange almost does not have any digital touch-up, the voices sound freely and easily, the single soloists of the choir are focused greatly. The upper range is a bit airier than usual and sometimes is lack of specifics. Nevertheless, the resolution of this band is extremely high. The soundstage is well structured and features the true scale. The only disadvantage is that the remote sound plans are drawn in a bit less accurate than the front ones.

Denon DCD-2020AE CD-player photo