Denon DCD-SA1 CD-player

Denon player of the new generation, which replaced the reference DCD-S1 of 1994, justifies the expectations already by its weight. It's an impressive device, to be sure. A four-layer design of the chassis, heavy steel vibration isolators - the player looks even more serious than its predecessor. Well, except perhaps the new mechanism, specifically designed for DCD-SA1, does not seem so exclusive, although it certainly has outstanding characteristics - there is no doubt about that.

Denon DCD-SA1 is addressed to adherents of classical stereophony - alas, you cannot listen to multichannel SA-CDs on it. The power system has three isolated sections. At the output of the digital path there is a couple of Burr-Brown PCM1792 DACs, causing the greatest confidence. Even all the other electronic components, as stated in the description, are selected to suit the tastes of European audiophiles.

But the flair of DCD-SA1 is, of course, an advanced ALPHA processor (based on a powerful 32-bit DSP SHARC), which effectively eliminates the inherent disadvantages of impulse-code modulation.

The same definitions as for the exterior refer to the sound: thoroughly, intelligently, not a single detail is missed. At first it seems that the player sounds cold, overly emphasizes the nuances and even diminishes the meaning of the main content, its tonal color and figurativeness. But this feeling passes quickly. The sound of Denon DCD-SA1 certainly cannot be called fresh and analytical. The player demonstrates exemplary bass, laundered mid and natural discants. The sound stage is compact and also impresses by holographic.

Denon DCD-SA1 CD-player photo