Denon DCD-710AE CD-player

DCD-710AE player belongs to the average level of digital Denon sources. In addition to traditional discs, the player is capable of playing compressed audio recordings in popular mp3 and WMA formats, as well as receiving content via USB on the front panel. The solution is not new, but in this case, the usual functionality of this port is supplemented by the support of almost the entire range of iPod players with the ability to charge them.

The digital part of the player is built on the high-end Burr-Broun PCM1791 chip with 24/192 parameters, supplemented by the AL24 Processing brand digital filtering circuit. The drive mechanism is self-engineered - the tray moves clearly, but a bit noisy. The "pitch control" function is worth to be noted among the player's interesting features, which changes the playback speed within 12% of the nominal.

The nature of reproduction can be called largely universal. It is characterized by a high degree of musicality, making you to listen to any recordings with interest. The timbres are natural. The resolution in the whole range is very high. The upper case of Denon DCD-710AE is practically devoid of any artifacts, but you can call it extremely natural only with a small proviso. Sometimes it seems that the "copper" is dull, and some discants are slightly blurred. Dynamic qualities are quite good, they are enough for correct reproduction of any music. The bass is deep and neat, but not perfectly strict near the lower boundary. The sound stage is slightly narrowed in width, but in depth it extends far enough.

Work with music mp3 and WMA files does not cause any complaints at all. They are confidently reproduced from any media and do not cause any particular discomfort.

Denon DCD-710AE CD-player photo