Denon DCD-335 CD-player

On the inside Denon DCD-335 surprises by the amount of boards and mainboard cables in it (relatively, compared to the other models tested, but as we assume, improvements in construction affect the price). The player's shell is designed strictly and simply, all the control buttons are on the right side of the panel, on the left there are only titles, a headphone jack and a power button.

Talking about the headphones, the telephone amplifier has no level tuning, which is pretty uncomfortable as some fragments could use some intensification. A Play/Pause buttons go together, there's no direct track choosing, the display is big, bright and clear, all elements are easy to read. The disk overview is a play of the first 10-second fragment of every track. Ten seconds usually aren't enough and it is hard to learn something about the track. The disk drive closes only by pushing button, not by pushing the drive itself. It is not an actual disadvantage but it is usually more comfortable to have both options. The remote control is not provided. The sound is good (except for the comments on the low-level signals represented above). The device did especially well at playing accordion music, as it was volumetric, deep and detailed.

Denon DCD-335 CD-player photo