Yamaha RX-V459 AV-receiver

Yamaha RX-V459 loses to its main competitors on three points: it does not have a solid remote control (although - programmable), there are no digital outputs and automatic calibration. The lack of autocalibration is compensated by a new 64-bit processor with incredibly advanced settings for all parameters of the sound field. It was created by Yamaha specialists together with Texas Instruments and is characterized by higher quality, flexibility and ease of programming. In addition to the conversion, it is responsible for the configuration of the system and signal processing, including the proprietary algorithms of Yamaha Cinema DSP. New Burr-Brown 192 kHz/24 bit DACs with extended dynamic range, low distortion and noise are also installed in the path.

The output stages of the amplifiers have been improved: the output resistance has been reduced, and the damping factor is constant throughout the frequency range. A power source became much more powerful.

Using only the display, you can accurately and widely set the crossover frequency between the subwoofer and the main speakers, as well as align the sound with the equalizer.

The built-in tuner differs by a dynamic but slightly flat sound. It receives powerful stations without interference, and a high-quality FM antenna will be required for a clear signal from weak stations.

The main advantage of the Yamaha receiver is a dynamic, attacking sound without any hint of an energy deficit. The bass is given as if the sound is amplified not by a home receiver, but by a professional audio system: biting, richly and without buzzing sounds. The top is not sleek and not colored. Balanced in the middle range is also ideal. Perhaps Yamaha RX-V459 deals with the subtle musical nuances not so skillfully, but the sound is trained and correct.

Yamaha RX-V459 AV-receiver photo