Yamaha RX-V659 AV-receiver

Yamaha RX-V659 has impressive technical parameters and is equipped with very powerful high-current output stages. The sound processor has very wide possibilities of tuning of both the multichannel configuration and additional spatial effects. Automatic adjustment of YPAO with a calibration microphone, in addition to setting of delays and channel level, provides accurate tonal correction of the speaker-specific path using a seven-band parametric equalizer. You can connect an additional front pair to the receiver (Presence channels allow you to get a deeper scene) or use the outputs to sound the second zone. IPod support is also provided. To do this, it is enough to buy a docking station YDS-10, and you can listen to the player through RX-V659 and control it from the receiver's console. To improve the sound of mp3 Yamaha offers a new technology - Compressed Music Enhancer, which recovers harmonics lost in compression. And as the device is also equipped with an RIAA phono stage, it is also suitable for work with vinyl. Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten.

Yamaha RX-V659 has a dynamic "voice", impresses with the purity of the mid-range and the full transfer of percussion instruments. The sound flows lively, with a spark, but without embellishment, with slightly softened discants, but with good focus and very accurate distant plans in the scene. And the main thing: I got the same result by switching the source from direct multichannel to digital input, in Straight mode and with activated Pure Direct function. But if you turn these modes off, you immediately feel a slight deterioration in details at high frequencies, the scene becomes less deep, orchestral copper loses its shine. The short path is still better.

Yamaha RX-V659 AV-receiver photo