Yamaha RX-V359 AV-receiver

Let see what Yamaha offers in economy class to its fans - particular in the model RX-V359. However, it is more logical to start with what it doesn't offer. So, there are no connectors for the connection of video cam or game console on the faceplate - you have to supply the signal from these devices in a less convenient way, from behind. Also there is no selector of direct connection of sources - control elements on the "foreside" of the device allow you only to search them sequentially. The remote control is designed only for the work with a receiver. The algorithm of simplified setting of sound field is added into bass manager and the possibility of setting crossover frequency between subwoofer and satellites was removed (there is a standard one, but which exactly, 80 or 100 Hz, is not given in the description). Well, I understand, they needed to save on something.

But the list of what the device has looks far more impressively. Firstly, very informative display and quite massive power transformer are installed in RX-V359. Secondly, there is a complete multi-channel input. Thirdly, there are three inputs for the switching of video sources on the component and the selector is provided for speaker systems. Finally, there is Straight mode, which allows you to put the signal directly without additional processing and effects. Take any detail or function - it will be actual for an advanced user.

Yamaha sounds with an excellent dynamics in the whole range. The device demonstrates a high informational content of low and high frequencies' playing at work with both digital and analog sources. By the way, the transition from digit to analog gives very interesting result -in the second case the sound becomes slightly less mechanic, drive softens, the front plan of the stage, which was placed forward to a listener, slightly moves in the depth and echelons more clearly. But the main thing is that there are no signs of sound's degradation at switching. To my mind, this is quite a valuable feature.

I will refer a good damping of bass to the strengths of RX-V359. Drums are picked, full of power, but not dissolved. A delicate microdynamic picture doesn't simplify the device, but this doesn't cover the middle band. There is a good test for the degree of system's resolution of MF - record of choral singing in Cathedral with high arches. Voices must soar skyward but RX-V359 grounds and simplifies them, trying to localize them before a listener. Taking that even very expensive receivers don't pass such test into account, Yamaha doesn't deserve blame. This is an excellent device for its price.

Yamaha RX-V359 AV-receiver photo