Marantz NA7004 Network player

The Marantz NA7004 network player does not replace traditional ways of accessing audio content, but can take care of both new and old sources. It acts as a DAC, digital radio, and of course FM/AM radio too, thus covering the entire spectrum of broadcasting up until the 1920s. As a DAC, it has an S/PDIF input and a USB type B connector for connecting to a computer, which means you can work with a PC that is not on the local network. The USB input on the front panel is designed for players, including the iPod (and other Apple gadgets); The NA7004 also supports Apple AirPlay for wireless music streaming from eligible Apple devices. The usual functions for playing music from devices on the network and receiving Internet radio stations are also present, along with Napster and With all these features, it comes as no surprise that the NA7004 case is quite cramped. There is a small module for FM and AM radio, another for DAB and a third for network connection (only wired Ethernet is supported), a large digital processing board and a slightly smaller analog output board that uses proprietary HDAM circuitry. One feature we haven't seen from anyone else is the ability to control the streamer from your home computer via a web browser. The NA7004 has its own IP address, so it's just a matter of addressing. Deftly!

In many ways, this network player seems to offer classic Marantz sound, which is reassuring. Our listeners have noticed the slightly warm balance and sharp yet surprisingly effortless detail that many of the NA7004's brand siblings feature. It's an attractive combination-until, of course, rhythm and timing become your real desire. But even in these parameters, the results are quite good. One of the nuances that we discovered during the in-person listening was that, if the sense of rhythm may look a little ordinary at first glance, after a few tracks you realize that in fact it is much better, you just clearly underestimated it at first.

Perhaps the streamer's best feature is its extremely tight sound. This was observed when playing records of all styles that we fed to the device. The Marantz NA7004 is truly an absolutely omnivorous performer, equally enjoying the sounds of a rock band and the gentle tones of meditative solos. The device produces amazing high frequencies, showing a little harshness only when compared with a very good DAC, and the bass is all deep and strong. The FM tuner is also to be commended for its clean and pleasant, downright extraordinarily penetrating sound.

Marantz NA7004 Network player photo