CD-player Magnat MCD-850

The device is assembled on the strong chassis and has an uncluttered front panel of 8mm solid aluminum plate. Looks very solid and heavy metal remote control, which is different and not a poor functionality (even with a regulated volume of the built-in telephone amplifier). Readout mechanism outfitted great German Japanese laser head Sanyo. The power supply system is built on the transformer with an effective R-shaped core and, of course, has several isolated stages. For converting digital to analog converters meet the precision Burr-Brown PCM 1796. Output stage is generally made on the lamps. A pair of double triode ECC82, the scheme included dual mono, performs the final gain of the analog signal, and an agreement with the output line. And the presence of a digital coaxial and optical outputs allows MCD-850 or as a transport for an external DAC, or in conjunction with a digital recorder.

German brand new player did not disappoint expectations. It sounds impressively lively and frank. Absolute dynamics we would appreciate a four-plus - it seems still a little analog section compresses on the powerful dynamic contrasts. At such moments MCD-850 gives you a more comfortable sound than its competitors semiconductor, but it does not lose intelligibility playback. It 'll take a strong high quality (and for its price category - unprecedented) harmonic resolution across the band, which results in excellent intelligibility tools. In addition, the device transmits a pretty good attack and reverberation. This player belongs to the rare number of components, which from the first minute demonstration urging the listener into its merits. Its advantages are obvious.

However, errors sometimes play too noticeable. Lame, for example, micro drivers. Acoustic concert atmosphere, non-musical noises in the scene, breathing room and other nuances of sound, which creates the effect of presence, slightly coarsening player. The most quiet parts of symphonic or chamber music played somewhat formal - sounds are sounds and do not add to the live picture. But in the scene, if not to take into account a little distant background, any deviation not. Apparatus provides a true spatial scale of image sources, keeps good physicality and does not lose focus stable.

Magnat MCD-850 CD-player photo