Magnat MCD-450 CD-player

Magnat MCD-450 belongs to the 400th series of stereo components, which also includes an integrated amplifier and an FM tuner. The player was designed as a classic digital source, intended only for playing CD-Audio discs, so it was decided to refuse support for compressed audio files.

The player is assembled on a rigid anti-vibration chassis with a thick (5 mm) front panel made of milled aluminum, on which the control keys are conveniently located. The Sanyo high-precision optical pickup is mounted slightly to the right of the central axis. The transport itself is carefully shielded from possible interference, and the signal and power circuits are maximally distant from each other. The developers keep silent about the type of converter - it is only known that this is a 24-bit Burr-Brown DAC. The player has both types of digital outputs (optical and coaxial) and is equipped with a remote control capable of commanding other components of its lineup.

Magnat MCD-450 has a dynamic, comfortable sound signature with a fairly high sound resolution and a pleasant for ear middle. Meanwhile, the nature of the midrange representation varies somewhat depending on the type of phonogram. For example, the piano is sometimes echoed, but there are practically no complaints about female vocals - they are natural and rich in overtones. The player very skillfully works out a delicate microdynamic pattern, the tops are detailed, but still slightly veiled. The space is three-dimensional and strictly defined, the positioning of imaginary sources can be estimated as quite accurate.

Magnat MCD-450 CD-player photo