Yamaha CD-S2100 CD-player

Offered in this year the model CD-S2100 takes the second place from the top among optical disk players by Yamaha; only hard-edged CD-S3000 is above it in hierarchy. The words in the name of the device - Compact Disc Player and CD- must not mislead you, because the device can also play the material of high definition, recorded on SACD, and MP3 files. Constructive-technological and music level of Yamaha CD-S2100 is very high. A big weight testifies to it by implication (15,6 kg; top-rated CD-S3000 is 4 kg less), which you feel by hands and back, pulling the device out of the box. The creators of the player realized a wide, almost overall package for extremely neat signal translation throughout the way: from optical form to outputs.

Inner content of the player is divided in 3 parts. A branded optical drive takes the central part; digital schemes and its power unit are mounted on the left, analogue cascades with separate power supply, based on toroidal transformer, are on the right. The evident purpose of this detachment is the exception of the interaction schemes. For minimization of loss and support of low impedance, the power sources and the schemes are interconnected by very short cables, which, notably, are fixed by screws, not the solder (a single-leveled integrated amplifier Yamaha A-S2100 has the same fixation).

Current-to-voltage conversion (after D-A converter) is not carried out in several stages, as usual, but through one-stage discrete scheme. Achieved in that way high slew rate in the absence of negative feedback, undoubtedly, tells positively on sound quality. Analogue cascades are fully balancing (symmetry of positive and negative signal parts is provided), and this shows the preference of corresponding commutation (e.g. with the amplifier Yamaha A-S2100).

The player is equipped by the same precise, branded transport mechanism as the leader Yamaha CD-S3000. The transport is fixed to the chassis by two steel anchors (fore and aft). In addition, the anchors are adjusted for ideal horizontality of the mechanism.

Digital-to-analogue conversion is carried out by 32-bit ES9016 chip from ESS Technology. At this stage high quality of signal processing is provided by own precision clock oscillator of D-A converter, original function Jitter Elimination, and also by the fact, that conversion is performed parallel in eight channels (2x4).

A work with signal, getting through USB (suitable port is on the back panel), is committed to the chip, which was specially designed for Yamaha by German firm Steinberg on basis of professional report ASIO 2.3 with DSD and PCM (up to 24bit/192 kHz) support.

The chassis of the player is very firm and tough because of central frame, made of 5-mm aluminum plates. The frame connects the front and rear walls of the device and effectively protects the drive from vibrations. Specially constructed legs have the same purpose: you can remove the flat magnet elements; therefore the spikes will be naked.

The toggle-switch Power On/Off, Pure Direct buttons (for attainment of ultra-pure sound owing ot deactivation of digital outputs, display and so on), Source (the choice of input), Layer (the choice of layer - CD or SACD) and corresponding indicates are situated in the left side of the player's front. The central place is for optical disk loader (with Eject button), and to the right from it there are the standard playback controls.

Behind we can see analogue, unbalanced and balanced outputs, digital inputs (USB type B, optical and coaxial) and outputs (optical and coaxial), Remote in/Out and System connectors for centralized player control within the limits of big system. There are the functions of automatic failover to the standby mode (disconnectable) and change the brightness on the display (4 steps).

The player's appearance has chaste style; except perhaps the semimirror window of the display gives vivacity to the look. A comfortable remote control in the form of boat with aluminum upper plate and buttons gives a pleasant performance.

It is hard to remember SACD/CD player, which in the same way as Yamaha CD-S2100 connived the most sophisticated sound gourmandize and awoke audiophile in person so easily. Speaking about veteran audiophiles, this ultra-high-quality digital source can give music pleasure of the highest order. Little amount of elements can be compared with this player with regard to ear delight. The sound of Yamaha CD-S2100 is ultra-fine. The player presents the music both on the whole and in the aggregate with unusually and accurately produced, graduated elegantly from the taste and color, polished details, nuances and textures. More than once I thought, that music is better in the representation of Yamaha than in reality. Judge for yourself, is it good or bad.

Yamaha CD-S2100 CD-player photo