Yamaha RX-SL80 AV-receiver

This is the device that made the record for sharpness - only 55 mm! With the body of the same height Yamaha produces DVD player DV-SL100. Built quality, design and weight of RX-SL80 cause a great respect. For better coordination with load there is the switch of speaker systems' resistance, and for cooling - a small but quiet fan. There are only three buttons on the faceplate, but they are multifunctional like the volume knob.

Speaking about functional part and switching, Yamaha RX-SL80 already looks less advantageous. It has only five power amps and that's why there are no "decoders" like ES, EX and Pro Logic IIx (the older model, RX-SL100, by the way, has all of these). On the back wall there is a minimum of connectors for connecting of equipment. Four inputs are provided for digital sources. As for switching of analog input RX-SL80 is poorly adapted for use - there is no multichannel input, all stereo connections are made via SCART.

You will ask then, "For what I should pay $ 500?" The receivers of this brand have always been famous for sound processor. The list of tuning capabilities in RX-SL80 is extensive: for example, you can configure the filtration of sub in the range from 40 to 200 Hz with small step. The square of sounded area is also adjusted while the installation of parameters of the system. There is Stright mode - the analog of Direct in the amps of Hi-Fi class. Even tuner supports only all the RDS functions.

By sound quality RX-SL80 digital receiver does not reach the level of analog Yamaha fatties. However, it doesn't look pale in comparison with the classmates. I liked that this receiver sounds good at any volume level except the quietest levels. Dynamical capabilities are also good, despite of smaller passport power. The middle is played openly, basses are perfectly controlled, the upper range is almost devoid of typical for "digital amplifier" coloring and is full of fine details.

Yamaha RX-SL80 AV-receiver photo