CD-player Exposure 2010 CD

Perhaps there is no more conservative companies in the industry Hi-Fi, than the British Exposure. When competitors try at least once in two or three years to update their lineups to maintain interest, Exposure for many years can produce the same thing, and what is most surprising - her technique will continue to be respected and sought after by discerning audiophiles. Judge: Exposure for thirty-year history has created a limited number of products, and commercially manufactured, affordable and not piece exclusives! At the same time for all this time was not a single weak unit, as they go on sale only after will be brought to perfection. This is the whole secret of sustained success a small company.

Soon, by the way, will be a new series of hardware 3010 - slightly more expensive than the current 2010 with which we are now going to meet. Released a few years ago 2010 CD player has a quality and fully aluminum chassis. Thick bezel is decorated with a rich display only blue glow and even a number of control buttons. The remote control that comes with this device, frankly, laconic: function available only basic - even fast-forward - back there, not to mention all sorts of repetitions and programming. And they are, inter alia, in the player is. Only these functions are available only with the remote control for the entire system Exposure SRC, which must be purchased separately.

Engineers prefer reading mechanism and Sony digital circuits Made in USA - for the processing of audio data and its conversion to an analog signal corresponds to a 24- bit DAC Burr-Brown (what kind - not reported). The device is equipped with the usual linear outputs RCA. Digital optical and coaxial presented, the latter - on the connector BNC.

Power supply - critical parts of any player. In 2010 CD set is quite large toroidal transformer, high quality buffer capacitors, three separate circuits for power servos, digital and analog circuits, - all this wisdom in order to minimize the impact on the signal path interference and spurious coupling on the supply lines.

Again, start with a test signal to allow the weakest level. Yeah, masking noise is minimized, digital "itch" is present, but relaxed. At the same music signal, being very distorted (and other levels -70 ... -80 dB at the CD and it can not be), again remains recognizable. It seems like such a character works feature all the upscale 24-bit DACs, filters . But before this test seemed advantageous one-bit converters.

In 2010 CD asset can be written excellent tonal balance and dynamics. Actually, the latter is any decent player is rarely bad. Exposure but gives us something more - a level dynamics, equally good and in lowercase, and the average and in the top.

When playing symphonic music arise claim to the sound stage. 2010 CD does not feel the difference between the first and second plan. Musicians Orchestra "seated" on the stage so that the solo violin left no room in front - it is somewhere at a distance. The same annoying trifle appears on rock and jazz studio tracks recorded with a clear airspace. But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining - any live concerts with a tight sound and lengthy scene with exemplary sound intelligibility.

And one more observation. The device has a high detail analytically , but not all the nuances he invests in natural musical form. Individual overtones sometimes do not recognize - whether they have an acoustic origin, whether it is the distortion introduced by studio equipment, or blemishes tract player?

The instructions to the 2010 CD says that it achieves the highest performance only after 48 hours of warm-up. And also that the sound will improve after 30 minutes. This we expected , giving the player warm up before the test three or four hours, but this is still not enough. That's why the sound details still had not managed to perfect form, and the scene has not found proper separation. Nevertheless, even in such an embodiment 2010 CD manages to impress its precisely accurate and clear sound.

Exposure 2010 CD CD-player photo