Yamaha RX-V590 RDS AV-receiver

AV-receiver RX-V590RDS is a big brother of RX-V390RDS. The device has the typical design for RX series and firm traditional easy and plain control, which allows changing operating modes very readily. Pressing any of the keys generates the appearance of corresponding symbol on the display, which shows receiver's operating modes. The amplifier of the receiver has a traditional control of volume, balance and front channel timbres. In addition, there are VDIEO/AUX (RCA and S-video) inputs on the faceplate of the device. In all, the receiver allows connecting four audio and four video sources, and two of this video sources can have S-video connecter. Also there is the input for connecting the head of MM vinyl recordings player type. A solid power transformer and effective output transistors heat sink of power amplifiersallows getting up to 100W (on the load impedance of 4 Ohms) in each front channel in stereo mode. In five-channel mode (Dolby Pro Logic) the amplifier gives 70W in each front and central channel and 20W in two back channels (on the load impedance of 8 Ohms) and has relatively small nonlinear distortion. I should mention the possibility of front channels to operate into load with low resistance (up to 8 Ohm). At the space sound mode this device gives you an additional possibility of control: the level of front channels can be decreased by 10 dB with the help of switch key, located on the back panel. On the other side all channels have linear outputs, including a separate output for subwoofer (for frequencies below 200 Hz), which allow connecting an additional processor, e.g. for Dolby Digital, and external power amplifiers. Double-range (CB and FM) tuner is equipped by RDS system with the identification of program type, indication of radio station title and search of radio station by program's code. Tuner setting on the radio is possible both in manual and auto mode. A shortage of direct frequency assembly of radio station is completely compensated by big amount of fixed settings (up to 40 stations), which, moreover, are divided in five groups for comfort of next choice. Confident reception in city conditions is provided by good selectivity and sensitivity (in all 24 mkV VHF in stereo mode). The desk also allows, except controlling the modes of the receiver, controlling the cassette deck and CD player (of course, they are Yamaha too). Facilitating the work with the desk, control buttons are picked out in color. Unlike many models of other firms, a digital signal processor DSP is used in the Dolby Pro Logicdecoder of this receiver. This using provides six operating modes, including MONO MOVIE and, additionally, Dolby Pro Logic ENHANCED. In all these variants time regulation of back channels signal delay in the range from 1 to 100 ms with the indication of the time is possible. It is convenient for you to oversee the level regulation of back and central channels (in TEST mode) by the indicator. Scheme decisions of this receiver model and its quality manufacturing, a possibility of quite deep regulations and availability of different modes of sound signal processing allow getting a good sound with noticeable space effects and imitate a sound atmosphere of corresponding room acoustic quite truly.

Price: $470
Yamaha RX-V590 RDS AV-receiver photo