Denon PMA-1510AE Amplifier

Denon PMA-1510AE is projected by principle of "double mono", that means that every channel is powered from own transformer with EI-shaped core, and both of them are situated in the isolated cell of massive body. The engineers of Denon used the original circuit technique of output cascades, patented by the name UHC-MOS. In fact, this means that power of the signal increases by high-current field-effect transistors, which are able to give almost unlimited energy for loading. By commutative abilities it is the most advanced amplifier in the test. Apart from having 6 linear inputs (including Phono), it has the output from preliminary section and "Main in" terminals, which allow using the device as a power amplifier.

The amplifier PMA-1510AE has outstanding power and stunning dynamics. It should be specially noticed, that high range excels for a little on the back of total transparency of the sound. The descants are so clear and neutral, that sometimes you imagine the technique of absolutely different class. But there is a back side of the question: slight domination of the edges of operating band at high volume levels. Formally, there are no claims to medium frequencies - taint is minimal, timbre's part is given neutrally, intelligibility is high. The sound scene is completely corresponded to other qualities of the device. Some deleted plans are clearly heard in the depth, but on the whole the space is correct both in geometric and dimensioned calculation, pretended sources take their rightful place.

Denon PMA-1510AE Amplifier photo