Denon PMA-655R Amplifier

The whole amplifier - the front panel, handles and the cover of the body - is made in the same golden color. Denon PMA-655R looks respectable and will fit into any interior, moreover will become its decoration. The peculiarity of the circuit-making solution is two transformers: a large one that provides the work of the amplifier itself, and a small one that supports the power of the remote controller in stand-by mode. This allows you to completely disconnect the main transformer from the network in the "sleep" mode and reduce the consumption.

Functions. The presence of a separate recording selector allows you to listen to one source, and record from another. It is possible to connect two recorders and overwrite from one to the other. You can switch the recording selector only from the front panel. Another original feature is a disconnectable loudspeaker system. As you know, when the volume decreases, the sensitivity of the human ear to LF and HF decreases too, so their amplitude at low volume should be increased, therefore loud compensation is provided in order not to touch the timbre.

Control. The remote control is relatively small, but, in addition to the amplifier, it is also able to control other components of the audio complex, and notably its own working area is allotted for each device. Although almost all buttons (except the volume control) are of the same size, it does not cause any inconvenience, as they are located quite logical, and the contrast guide line on the volume knob allows you to easily determine its position.

Sound. The pleasant softness of the sound gives the low frequencies tenderness and depth, although sometimes it does not allow emphasizing all the nuances of choral singing. High frequencies are distinct, but without sharpness. Instruments in the formed stage are located naturally and evenly. They do not interfere with each other, and the position of each is determined easily and accurately.

Denon PMA-655R Amplifier photo