KEF Coda 90 Floor standing speakers

The flagship of updated series of Coda by British KEF is covered by natural wood veneer. The system is classic, three-way. The tweeter, mid-range head and the first bass-reflex port are grouped on the faceplate in original way - Coda style. The woofer is placed on the side wall, on the opposite side the second bass-reflex port is hidden under the decorative grill. Its pipe is brought out at a right angle in the trunk of upper group of reflectors; short first port, equipped with foam stopper, "looks" at the same place. LF and MF/HF trunks communicate with each other. The magnet of MF-head is drawn by through screw to the back panel of the speaker system. Voice coil of HF-head with the Neo Alu dome has a ferro-cooling.

Although the color of Coda 90 sound can be called rather warm, the feeling of total tonal balance is still created - this warming creates very comfort climate. The expressiveness of sound images, synthesized by the system, owes a great deal to a perfect macro-dynamics of the middle and especially high frequencies. We very liked violin for its melodious overtones, jazz saxophone was absolutely charming. Low-frequency basis is designed thoroughly: the combination of massive depth and good reserve of power contribute to spectacular, realistic playing of natural bass instruments' sounds. The scenic image is drawn out clearly, the position of the imaginary sources is easily guessed, soloists don't "double" in space. Listening to Coda 90 you can not to be shy operating the amplification handle - at high volume the advantages of the system appear in the most favorable light, but sometimes bass is perceived to be a bit blurred. But in most cases it doesn't run to that.

The dynamic and frequency resource of the system is sufficient for adequate transfer of any music. Coda 90 is a sensitive, universal musical instrument. It makes sense to use "branded" approach at the organization of home theatre.

KEF Coda 90 Floor standing speakers photo