Aiwa XC-950 CD-player

Like all Aiwa units in this series, XC-950 has a wide range of additional features and functions. But first, about the electronic stuffing. In the XC-950, as in most modern players, a single-bit double digital-to-analog converter "bit stream" is used. To improve filtering after such processing, a linear digital filter with 8-fold oversampling and increased bit depth was used: instead of the standard 16, a 20-bit one was used. The player is equipped with a large set of special playback modes, of which, in addition to a program of a sequence of up to 20 tracks and various searches, you can draw your attention to two random playback modes and six repeat options. For tape recording, you can automatically edit the soundtrack on the disc to get the maximum match between the program and the length of the tape. A quick peak search lets you fine-tune your tape recorder's recording level. To obtain a smooth increase or decrease in the output level, an automatic signal mixing system ("Fader") is used with setting the levels and response time. There is no standby mode in the player, but as part of the Aiwa stereo system, it is possible to turn it on from a timer combined with a tuner. In addition to the analog output, there is also an optical digital output. Direct track selection is carried out using the traditional set of eleven buttons 0 - 9 and +10. Playing records with this player left a very good impression.

Aiwa XC-950 CD-player photo