Technics SB-M500 Floor standing speakers

Loudspeakers for Hi-Fi audio - is the subject of a special, relentless attention over the years as developers and consumers of audio equipment. Let me explain this thesis: despite the apparent simplicity compared to other radio-electronic components, loudspeakers - as electromechanical system - the least amenable analytically precise calculation. Therefore loudspeaker designers sometimes perform miracles of empiricism and ingenuity, they go in search of new and revival of half-forgotten technical solutions to achieve the best result ... So, here it is, speakers Floor Type Technics SB-M500. This latest model is a bunch of interesting innovations and a number of famous Renaissance ideas in the field of sound and design. Let's take a look in the characteristics: three-way speaker system; weight 18.5 kg, body size 220x790x365 mm; rated (80 watts of power, the music (maximum) - 160 W, Impedance 6 Ohms, Sensitivity 86 dB, Frequency Range (-16 dB on the level) 35 Hz - 45 kHz. So let's speak in details. At first glance, if you remove the protective lattice you will see that on the front panel model "500" has only two speakers: a high-frequency tweeter and a 14-cm midrange. However, under the second fabric drape front and on the face on the rear panel you will find mobile passive radiators of rectangular shape. Their effective area radiation equivalent to the surface of the conical woofers with a diameter of 25 cm. Playing bass is provided by a passive radiator, transmission of vibrations from the DDD (Dual Dynamic Drive - double stage woofer placed inside the body). Thus proving speakers Techniques SB-M500 were fully three-way and even with four speakers. Subwoofer channel based on DDD electrically filtered with a crossover frequency of 90 Hz section. The high-frequency component is extracted by the filter starting from 2500 Hz. Pride of the company - mica tweeter, which even on the level of -10 dB produces ultrasonic vibrations up to 38 kHz. Despite the fact that the tones with a frequency of 20-22 kHz above human hearing virtually inaccessible, the value of this feature is that the speaker correctly fulfills the growth impulse sound active attack on percussion and wind instruments. Listening SB-M500 in the complex Hi-Fi equipment confirmed the high fidelity music of almost any genre: the right column and with a triangle, and with a large drum, sounded nice female vocals. However, in the linear regime of amplification (with disabled TONE) definitely felt a certain heaviness of bass and treble, but on the other hand, the owners of "500" will not have to face the problem of how to "pull" end of the range. Do not need splitting hairs and with the location of Technics SB-M500, the main thing - do not push up the back cover to the wall closer than 5 cm. Finally, please note carefully constructed design: From surface finishes and finishing gilt terminals (is possible to connect the scheme bi-wiring), the speaker is an example of good health and good taste designers.

Technics SB-M500 Floor standing speakers photo