Marantz PM-65 Amplifier

This model exteriorly looks like MARANTZ PM-53, the version of less powerful amplifier. The piece, presented in this test, differs from other design versions by three disconnectableEuropeanmain sockets, placed on the back panel, with total power up to 200W. You can connect six sound signal sources to input terminals (CD and PHONO terminals are gilt), and also two tape recorders, one of which can be digital. Except two pairs of output terminals, there are system bus sockets on the back panel, which allows to control completely many functions by single included remote control, at connection of other MARANTZ blocks (down to TV and videotape recorder). Source choice is made by the same way as in PM-53: electronic selector with LEDs indication. And the chosen position is saved after amplifier's cutoff. But, in contrast to the previous model, an additional MUTING button and separate record selector, which allows connect any signal sources for copying in any direction, are added to this device. When switching on the mode "SOURCE DIRECT" balance chains and tone control shutdown for more qualitative playback, and switching on "LOUDNESS" mode allows play sound more naturally at low volume level. All these regulations are quite effective and give a pleasant performance for ears. The absence of preamplifier output points to only stereo lover orientation of this device: it is hard to connect it to home theatre without such output.Working with demand of 4 Ohm, the amplifier confirms confidently its parameters. At distortion level of 0,7% the amplifier channel develops output power of 117,5W, and at 108W the distortion is 0,05%. Stated and checked by measures high damping factor (120) allows the amplifier to manage with difficult compositions with rich elements of impulsive character and to provide good sound, which differs by quite soft and fuzzy character.

Marantz PM-65 Integrated Stereo Amplifier, Power output 80 Watts into 8 ohms