Marantz PM5003 Amplifier

The Marantz equipment in years has got a recognizable design - thanks to the efforts of developers even an inexpensive PM5003 amplifier looks very impressive, in many respects due to the excellent manufacturing quality. It has a very advanced circuitry and build quality. For example, current feedback is used in the output stages and the anti-resonant chassis of the device resembles the solutions used in top models. The amp is equipped very good: there is an equalizer as well as the mode of loudness (everything is disconnected). The built-in phono stage works only with the most common pickups of the MM type.

As for the special features of the PM5003, it's worth to mention the D-Bus system bus connectors, through which the majority of Marantz components can be controlled from one console.

From the very first minutes of listening the amp's sound really fascinates and turns the testing into a pretty pleasant experience. The main point is that the middle is very convincing and has excellent microdynamics. Speaking about the naturalness of this band, the device has no peers among competitors of the same price. But the high frequencies seemed to be somewhat relaxed. If discants are transferred confidently, then copper can be perceived to be slightly pale. The bass is fairly linear and energetic, only its lowest components are little bit blurred. The relief of drums instruments is recognizable, there were no noticeable flaws in the transmission of the rhythmic structure. The formation of sound space should be recognized as very effective and truly three-dimensional. Sound sources are well-localized and true in size.

Marantz PM5003 Amplifier photo