Denon DCD-425 CD-player

The display of CD player Denon DCD-425 winks when receiving signals from the remote control. This is only a ghost of pedantry, which fully asserts itself in sound. The instruments are meticulously laid out, the picture is unified and full with timbres; imagination can easily localize virtual sound sources correct to the decimeter. Lovers of analyticity will appeal this model. However, there is no desire to listen for a long to DCD-425 at high volumeand, depending on the genre, it is sometimes tiring. Unification often leads to flatness and detailing - to impurity.

Frequency response unevenness does not exceed 1 dB, but varies within these limits quite actively in the entire audio range, when in other devices it is usually a smooth falloff at the edges of the range and maximum one soft peak somewhere in the middle. Indirectly it may indicate some hidden nonlinearities in Denon.

The system AMNS (Advanced Multilevel Noise Shaping) is used in the converter -it is the good thing in theory but with debatable result. The matter is that the signal on the most of released today CDs has already subjected to similar changes at the mastering stage or even at earlier stages, for example at the conversion into digital form - many modern AD-converters provide Dithering and Noise Shaping. The layering of this effect can lead to different anomalies up to clicks and distortion.

There is no editing along tape'slength, but there is a possibility to divide automatically a disc into two almost equal parts and the first part will be definitely a bit longer than the second one. This function reminded me the golden times when a compact-disc was much more expensive than tape reel. It divided exactly in this way, into two parts and the continuation of recording started on the other side from the place where the first side ended. Then the rest of the tape was cut and the owner of a tape recorder with auto reverse had an opportunity to listen to the disc almost without pauses between the sides.

There is no digital output in Denon DCD-425. The headphones output is provided, but it is not adjustable. The signal level on the linear output can't be changed too. Fast playback is possible only on the one speed. Here are the possibility of work with timer, repeat of random fragment and autospace (forced insert of pause between tracks).

Denon DCD-425 CD-player photo