Marantz CD-46 CD-player

Marantz CD-46 is a twin of Philips CD721. The main difference is in the design of the faceplate - the enlarged display window, a smooth plane of the panel and traditional for Marantz gold in the graph instead of silver traditional for Philips. To our mind, the variant from Marantz is more elaborated. However, you can find a minor, but quite objective improvement: due to the "alignment" of the front panel level control of the headphones became more comfortable. An enlarged display window looks more beautiful than a profile window in Philips CD 721, but all the indication's elementsinside stayed the same, so such change is just decorative like all other. The functions of the devices are the same too. They are: programmed playback up to 30 fragments in any order, repeats of the whole disc or a separate fragment, random playback sequence, a review of the disc's fragments (first 10 seconds from each track). The listening showed the balanced and nice sound like in Philips that is not surprising, taking the same design and identical components inside the devices-twins into account. An increased price of the device (50$ higher) causes a slight bewilderment. In this case this money will be paid for the improved design and gilding.

Marantz CD-46 CD-player photo