Marantz CD-48 CD-player

To date, Bitstream single-bit converters can be considered optimal in terms of a combination of price, reliability, uncoloredness and musicality. The sound of the Marantz CD-48 cd player is soft, "commercial". The details are not very worked out, but there is a feeling that this is how it was intended - any music acquires unity and warmth. Softness should not be understood as a feeling of high-frequency blockage or a rise in the lower middle - everything is in order with the tonal balance of the device. You can listen to it for a long time, even if the disc is not very well recorded or full of harsh sounds.

The frequency response unevenness in the range of 20 Hz - 20 kHz, indicated in the description, is 0.1 dB. Perhaps this is a typo, because the test showed a different result: 1.0 dB. On the other hand, this 1 dB is just a smooth drop at the edges of the audio range, in the main part of which (40-16,000) there are no fluctuations at all. In addition, among other data common to a CD player, the phase linearity is indicated, which is 3° in the range of 20 - 20,000 Hz.

The Marantz CD-48 player accompanies your actions with a dozen short messages on the display and, if necessary, reports errors in control and editing, and even the reason for the unavailability of any function at the moment. For example, if you try to program the player in playback mode, GO TO STOP will appear. After half an hour of such interactive communication, a CD-48 user who has not read the instructions begins to behave like one who has learned it by heart. But it is better to read it all the same in order to gain access to all the numerous functions of the device. In addition, the description is made as clear as possible.

Fast playback, as in most players, is activated by holding it for a long time with the same buttons that go to the next or previous track. The reason for this combination is clear, but separate buttons work more accurately. The curved shape of the remote control is recognizable, as the same is widely used for many Marantz and Philips turntables, music centers and TVs. It, of course, looks stylish, but it is not very convenient for one-handed control and programming is impossible from it. Direct start of the desired number from both the panel and the remote control is relatively simple. To hear your favorite song, just press a maximum of two buttons (or one, if the number is unambiguous), and not press +10 repeatedly, and then Play, as in some other players. This will not seem like a trifle after the third playback of track 56. You say there are no such discs? How it happens! For example, discs with samples for musicians and, by the way, test discs, with the help of which this test was carried out.

Marantz CD-48 CD-player photo