Marantz EQ515 Equalizer

This ten-lined equalizer with traditional mechanic regulations, completely justifying its definition as a graphic one, has all necessary things for sound channel setting in the part of acoustic correction in a room: and built-in pink-noise generator, and included microphone. Ten-lined analyzer is used as the indicator of measuring instrument - only one in this device. For friendliness of setting the last-mentioned has smooth control of sensitivity, while there is only step attenuator on two positions for regulation to the inputs (provides decay of 6 dB). But, from the other hand, even this is upset in the most presented models. Speaking about mechanic regulation of bandpass filters (frequency step is standard - through octave), even though the stated regulation range is +/-10 dB, in reality it is +/-12 dB. From standard features there is a tape recorder operating mode with input and output for its connection. Inasmuch as the equalizer is mechanic, any pre-installing and memorizing are upset, of course. Quite a high price is explained, most likely, by existence of the microphone. In all, equalization of room acoustics with a help of generator and microphone is quite a hard work, but noble: you don't often guess about what dirty tricks equalization makes at every step. The difference before and after is striking with just simple device.

Marantz EQ515 Equalizer photo