Tuner Onkyo T-4210R

Average unit made with blue, bright and saturated, and even something colorful, display. Right of the display are two rows of large buttons select the frequency preset stations and setting buttons up and down the frequency of smaller and not so comfortable. Functional round buttons quite small and inconvenient to use them yet, you can see, the unit was calculated on the listener more of the same stations. You may want to write their names in memory. Scrolled text data RDS. There are S-meter in a horizontal line with a variety of divisions that display 5 levels of signal strength. And just two sections are included from the noise, when you can listen to three mono only, with four still clearly be heard in stereo sound and only with the full (on the S-meter) signal reception is great. Squelch mode (FM mute) can be activated manually, and then all of the noise and weak signals are simply blocked and do not reach the amplifier. Autoprogramming in tuner, and a manual is not very convenient - very necessary to remember which memory cells are already occupied. There are T-4210R and useful branded zest called APR - automatic precision reception. In this mode, the tuner adjusts precisely to the frequency of the station enters a strong signal attenuation at low enables "mono". As shown by the measurements, AM tract has a fairly high sensitivity, but selectivity is insufficient: Adjacent channel attenuation is only 10 times (20 dB), and in the mirror and less. In the FM parameters better, but still not as high as other tuners. For example, the actual selectivity of 53 dB is sometimes not enough in a major city, but it is quite satisfactory in the suburbs. However, reception is strong enough stations without any problems, and the sound is surprisingly clean and pleasant.

Onkyo T-4210R Tuner photo