Onkyo TX-SR501E AV-receiver

Strict front panel of Onkyo TX-SR501E with a relatively low height seems to be a bit overloaded by various in height buttons. And this turned out to be reasonable: due to presence of separate buttons Speaker Adjust and Subwoofer Adjust, presetting of main parameters is significantly simplified (as there is no screen menus, the setting is only possible from the front panel). Priority is given to the simplicity of tuning algorithms. For example, setting of the speaker systems' size was changed to clear selection of subwoofer's working mode (you can "remove" bass load from all or only central and rear speaker systems). It is recommendable to do the setting of cutoff frequency in Onkyo TX-SR501E on the assumption of the diameter of LF-speaker. "Tying" of one of digital inputs to any analog one also simplifies the operation; you can set the priority of signal (analog/digit) for each input and having MD recorder rename Tape input into MD. The remote control is rationally arranged, which is able to control three devices, connected to the receiver through RI bus. The remote control of Onkyo TX-SR501E is not devoid of disadvantages (small buttons, volume control is on the periphery), but clear division into work areas and direct access to the level adjustments by channels turns the setting into intuitive procedure. The receiver can be recommended to all who prefers cool movie and Hi-Fi stereo sound to the promises of manufacturers of SACD and DVD-Audio.

Onkyo TX-SR501E AV-receiver photo