CD-player Kenwood DP-7060

In the apparatus 60 Series Kenwood support line of proprietary design, consciously using repetitive elements. And in the DP-7060 is, for example, a group of buttons control the basic functions of the display and the lack of musical calendar. Among other differences need to note the presence on the back of two completely identical outputs, which the company offers to connect to amplifiers in different rooms. Voltage at these outputs and headphone output can be changed by pressing the appropriate buttons on the remote control. Although adjustment is possible in a wide range that is displayed for your information on the display in decibels (0 to -60), instructions carefully warns that it is better to use it only to match the level of line outputs of other devices, for "significant ... decrease the output level is not good for sound quality". When combined with other blocks Kenwood this player secures agreement with any of the branded tires: XR, XS or XS8. For some functions, the consumer usually drawn from the remote and leave them to it quite naturally. In the DP-7060 thus treated with start random play (Random Play), repeat the section between specified points phonogram (AB repeat), level control and editing before burning. In the latter mode, you not only choose the recording time of several fixed values, and install any up to the minute within 99 minutes, but you can make a program record your cassettes with multiple CD.

Kenwood DP-7060 CD-player photo