CD-player Kenwood DP-4090

Unusual apparatus according to many criteria. Let's start with the most visible - dimensions. By volume of the space, displaced from apartments potential buyer of the models considered cd-player Kenwood DP-4090 will take first place. It is difficult to imagine what guided developers housed in more appropriate size for the receiver or CD-changer carousel conventional CD-player. There is complete isolation of the firm or, conversely, the desire to impose your style. This version is also evidenced by the fact that the sound is output from the unit too smooth this series.

The winners - all the same buyer. Listen DP-4090 can be long and happy. For musicality he received the highest score. Sound image is realistic and sophisticated. Reverb decay can easily be traced back to the very care in silence, while the sound is clean and not grainy like most inexpensive CD- player. Most likely, it is a merit one-bit converter with eight times oversampling and own processing technology DRIV E., designed to provide improved quality at lower levels.

Advanced editing capabilities player Kenwood DP-4090 does not possess, except that can display CD-text and can be the loudest place on the disk, but output has on all occasions. Display, by the way, and made with the expectation of CD-text: a scrolling well seen from three meters . But the rest of the display (time, modes, etc. ). Can only brute force, which is very inconvenient.

Besides the obvious analog output has already two digital - optical and coaxial. Headphone output is not regulated, but this is offset by the change in the linear output level (with remote). Disc loading mechanism as a whole unit, in its original. Like anything special, but all somehow interesting to see...

In the specimen which the editor, among many descriptions in different languages, I could not find the English version. But all went in parallel directions, for two models - described here and DP-5090, which has, according to the data, only the higher specifications - 32- times oversampling and stuff. However, and DP-4090 are quite high - 0.005% THD, frequency response - ± 0.5 dB (test unit showed twice the best result). Dimensions, of course, affected the weight - Kenwood the heaviest presented - almost 5 kg.

Kenwood DP-4090 CD-player photo