Denon DCD-1510AE CD-player

DCD-1510AE is not the most expensive Denon product, but its respectability and perfect quality of how all the elements fit each other are truly impressive.

Much of a mass of the device is an anti-vibration construction and a massive power system based on a transformer with an EI-shaped core. Besides, the digital and the analogue parts are powered separately, which helps to avoid interference in audiopath.

The transport mechanism is the true pride of Japanese engineers. The company name S.V.H. (Suppress Vibration Hybrid) precisely describes its work: the tray moves smoothly and neatly, the reading head positions quietly. Apart from usual CDs, the device plays SACD, without using DSD-stream coding in PCM. Apart from stereo, there is a multichannel playing available, but the signal is still mixed in two channels. The main link responsible for digital to analog conversion is a 32-bit AK4399 chip by a Japanese company Asahi Kasei. Apart from that, the data goes through resampling by traditional algorithm Advanced AL32 Processing which allows to restore the signal original form more precisely. A DCD-1510AE is equipped with a A-type USB connector placed on the front panel. It is possible to connect removable disks or IPods.

CDs sound dynamic and emotional. The player shows the rhythm basis clearly, demonstrating a rich and clear sound. The mids are transparent, detailed, with a bit of warmth in voices. High frequencies have their pecularities too. The range is mostly clear and transparent, but the plates don't get enough aggression. The bass is impressive, and not by being endlessly deep, but by its naturalness and variety of colors. The space is well-worked, and figures take just the right place in it.

Lets go down to SACD. There is now striking difference in a manner of playing compared to other CD-players. The dynamic range expandes expectedly, the resolution increases, but the most important thing is that music goes more naturally and smoothly.

The device plays only mp3 and WMA tracks from USB, and it does it greatly, although there is a light veil on high frequencies - a 320 kbps bitrate tracks are just like original tracks.

Denon DCD-1510AE CD-player photo