Denon AVR-X1100W AV-receiver review

You can see with the naked eye that the new device was made based on the model AVR-X1000. Faceplate design with wide display, the construction of chassis, quite small power transformer and the cover are almost the same. There are a slightly changed, but still simple and plain remote control, external microphone for the Audissey MultiEQ XT system auto calibration and set of cardboard items, which you can easily use for making the tripod for the microphone. The researches of the company show that, using the tripod, accuracy of the calibration increases by 15% in comparison with the cases when microphone is held in hand or set at random height. The previous model had minimum number of possible analogue connections - only 2 RCA line inputs on the back plate. The engineers even rejected mini-jack on the faceplate, which is usually used for portable players. The implication was that only followers of digital technique - users of smart phones, tablets and other gadgets - will buy this receiver.

In AVR-X1100W minimalist concept was saved, but digital part, already adapted for the work with streaming audio in network (LAN input is available) or with USB flash drives, was seriously changed. Two antennas and suitable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, two HDMI inputs, which support ULTRA HD 4K video and quality of color reproduction 4:4:4, were added. At the same time two channels, which like the others were built on a good old technology of discrete element, but not on new impulsive chips, were also added to the terminal section. Furthermore, this receiver, unlike the previous, can work with 4-ohm loading as evidenced by the inscription on the backplane. Expanded a multi-channel configuration to 7.2 (outputs make provision for connection of 2 subwoofers) creators of the receiver enhance its class and price by a third. Taking into account other upgrades, this is worth it.

I started listening from analogue inputs which CD signal was connected to. Considering the receiver's price it is hard to make any claims about sound reproduction. The dynamics are more than convincing. Bass control is not bad, but it needs little bit hardness. There is no clearly expressed hardware taint in the mid's, like other chip devices have. Clarity and detailing of upper case are unexceptionable. Despite of the fact that the receiver don't have straight, clear analogue channel (anyway incoming signal is undergone digitization and is processed by the processer) I haven't noticed any signs of broken sound. AVR-X1100W could show the difference in the character of sound in comparison with CD player in full measure! This means that the channel of budgetary Japanese receiver really possesses enough audio resolution in order to discover such subtle differences.

All the same, digital sphere is closer to the device. If I have little remarks concerning listening analogue channels, I don't find any faults with replay from laptop or smart phone. Yeah, the receiver carnalized the tone balance for a little, treated mid-upper range with some aggression. Desired severity and smartness in lower case were not added. Despite this, however, more full, detailed and true sound picture was built and now we can really rejoice in high resolution while playing HD audio.

Denon AVR-X1100W AV-receiver photo