Denon AVR-1603 AV-receiver

If it weren't for the plug covering the AV input (there is no S-video connector in it, but there is an optical digital signal connector), the front panel of the device could be considered classic. But the layout of the receiver is classic without any exaggeration: a five-channel amplifier with 5.1 decoders. The system remote control is one of the most ergonomic. Multi-colored buttons are clearly visible in the semi-darkness of a home cinema, and the volume and mode controls of the DVD player are generally made phosphorescent. The only drawback of the remote control is that there are two mechanical source switches, and the second one is multi-position, and it is very easy to make a mistake in choosing. Pre-configuration from the front panel is not carried out, but from the remote control it is quick and painless thanks to a logically built algorithm and sensible instructions. The signal delay step is not equivalent to 30 cm, as in most receivers, but 10 cm, which contributes to more accurate tuning. And it did not take long to affect the sound. The Denon AVR-1603 receiver produced a coherent sound picture, but not at the expense of loss of resolution - clearly localized effects did not drown in the background music. We recommend the device to all home theater lovers who prefer traditional 5.1-channel sound or simply do not have the opportunity to place an additional speaker in the room. And also for those for whom the main thing is listening to music. The Denon works great in stereo, and a 5.1 input with near-excellent performance will let you enjoy superformat recordings (SACD and DVD-Audio) to the fullest.

Denon AVR-1603 AV-receiver photo