Yamaha RX-V777 AV-receiver

Yamaha takes not only a considerable percent of the world AV-receivers, but is considered to be a leader in developing of innovative decisions for home cinema. The company has accumulated a huge experience in creating of audio components and combines it in the new models with the most digital advanced technologies.

The model RX-V777 is the oldest one in the line RX-V, which in turn is on the steb below the flagship Aventage series. The device is interesting by abundance of firmed sound options rich with commutative and network capabilities and well-designed ergonomics.

The receiver looks gracefully and at the same time solidly. The faceplate is horizontally divided into two parts and the upper part is glossy, the bottom one is matt. The set of controls in my opinion is optimal - only those are put forward, which can really be useful for quick change of modes. If you look closer, at the mirror surface (her central part is the display screen) you will find out a number of black buttons dealing with control of the second zone and FM-tuner setting. From the right side, near the volume control, there are inputs of composite video, HDMI with MHL support and USB port which allows you to play music from Ipod and Iphone, charging them at the same time. In the left part of the panel there is 6,3-mm phone slot and mini-jack for measuring microphone YPAO. Four big buttons labeled as BD-DVD/TV/NET/RADIO - realization of the firmed program SCENE. Pushing any of them we not only choose the appropriate source but also set a certain configuration of sound field which we have created before to own taste. If desired, each button can be reprogrammed.

Commutative possibilities of RX-V777 frankly pleased. Now a lot of manufactures of receivers ignore analogue sources, but Yamaha developers have provided the possibility of their connection. In addition to four linear they made even Phono input for vinyl player and, as our researches showed, in Pure Direct mode the signal from them is fed to end amplifiers bypassing DSP. Also there are separate intermediate 7.2 outputs from preliminary section and a stereo pair for sounding of the second zone. All six HDMI inputs are of version 2.0 supporting video up to Ultra HD 3840x2160 50/60 Hz, and video path has skaler, being able to increase picture resolution from the standard to 4K.

Seven output amplifiers are assembled on discrete elements and operate in AB class. On 4-ohm loading one channel is able to give power up to 160W at the distortion no more than 0,9%. It is possible to connect an additional speakers' pair for second zone to separate terminals.

The firmed YPAO calibration system is presented here in the advanced version R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control), which builds a sound field analyzing direct radiation and early reflections in eight points of a room. Data of these measurements are taken into account at realization of other firmed modes. Adaptive loudness YPAO Volume optimizes AFC systems in accordance with volume level and parameters of listener's surroundings. The program CINEMA DSP creates virtual surround sound if the set of acoustics consists of a pair of front channels and subwoofer; CINEMA FRONT will be useful if you have complete system 5.1 but all loudspeakers are installed in the front. Extra bass (bass rise at using compact front speakers) and Subwoofer Tim (optimal distribution of LF between subwoofer and front speakers) modes can be useful too. The built-in player plays live albums recorded in FLAC, WAV and ALAC formats when a signal is sent from a computer, server or USB drive.

And finally about the main thing. Network opportunities of RX-V777 will satisfy the most advanced user. In addition to Bluetooth (the module is built-in with external antenna) the device supports AirPlay, MHL, HTC Connect and DLNA. The receiver qualitatively decodes audio files of high resolution in particular WAV and FLAC 24 bits/192 kHz and also DSD stream at the connection of a source through HDMI. Internet serves vTuner, Spotify, Napster and Pandora are supported.

In order to simplify the setting of such a n advanced device and to make the process more vivid the programmers of Yamaha has developed an application AV Controlling for smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS. Advanced graphics - up to frequency network analyzer - also you allow to choose parameters of digital signal processing and to create your own configuration of the sound field in Basis and Advanced modes.

Certainly the receiver is completed with the stated remote control. The buttons are logically divided into zones but some of them are quite small and in the dark it isn't very convenient to manipulate them by touch.

The first test was demonstrative Blu-Ray "Spider-Man 2" at connection the player through the qualitative HDMI cable. 5.1 system with floor acoustics in front and back channels. To say that sounding is solid is to say nothing. It literally covers up to the hilt filling the whole room and without any signs of staining, clarity loss and intelligibility. Beats are deafening, the sound field is continuously around the perimeter. Moving sound objects from channel to channel is smooth, rear panorama is quite informative. It is slightly simplified at turning on CINEMA FRONT but the presence of virtual rear is really noticeable.

In the stereo version and Pure Direct mode at the connection of CD-player through analogue the receiver sounds no less musical than a decent integral Yamaha device. Accurate stage, delicate handling with nuances of recording, crystal top and a solid bass. Correction YPAO Volume should better be used: if the front channels are sounded by shelf acoustics, their rise at basses will only inure.

The sound of audio files from smartphone, connecting by USB MHL, can be led, playing with settings, to quite acceptable version even if the source material was of bad quality. The system Compressed Music Enhancer adds air but shifts detailing on some reaps in the direction of sharpness.

The main signal processor in RX-V777 is very good - even at quite difficult conversion (layout of stereo FLAC 16/44 to five channels with loudness YPAO Volume) there is no digital synthetics, bass is not dehumidified. This is the very rare case when both digital and analog paths are literally licked and give very little reasons for criticism.

Yamaha RX-V777 AV-receiver photo