Focal Chorus 726 Floor standing speakers

The most stout in the series three-way systems Chorus 726 are produced with the same dimensions, with the same acoustic design (bass-reflex with a forward port) and have a similar tapering shape with non-parallel side walls made of MDF. External differences can be found only in the finish - the design no longer has a total V-shape, the sharp edges of the side panels are rounded, and the fabric grill has become traditional, rectangular.

Underneath we saw the same set of drivers with diffusers made of Polyglass, a polymer with glass micro particles deposited on its surface. There are three such drivers: one pair reproduces the lower register, and another one, of the same 16.5-cm caliber, but with different characteristics and, in addition, enclosed in its own isolated volume, reproduces the middle range. The upper part of the range is voiced by the TNV Tweeter with a light concave-shaped aluminum-magnesium dome and effective air cooling. The frequency of bands separation did not change too - 300 and 3000 Hz.

But, please, do not think that all changes in the models of 2013 are only cosmetic. These loudspeakers are an example of when the general concept, circuitry and driver system are identical, but the internal construct and properties of individual elements are changed. In new products, in-case struts system was revised, a more favorable form for suppressing resonances was found for the LF and MF drivers' baskets. The suspension of the dome tweeter uses a new plastic material - Poron.

Focal Chorus 726 arrived to test in a sealed box, so before listening we had to organize a serious training for it. The 726s warmed up according to the accelerated method - the loudspeakers were placed very close to each other, "face to face", after which a mono signal was fed to them from the amplifier, but in reverse phase.

Focal products have clear advantages over its direct competitors of the same price category, and these are, firstly, dynamic performance and a wide frequency range. Having a considerable sensitivity, the Focal Chorus 726s sound very confidently and freely, no compression is felt across the whole spectrum. In bass area, the sound is quite fundamental and is not blurred with boomy sounds. In the midrange neither stiffness nor excessive shrillness is noticeable - there is liveliness and delicacy, and clarity. Balance is great.

At first, we had claims to the upper case - the region of the hard metal spectrum (8 12 kHz) was clearly emphasized here, but as it turned out, this is not a tweeter problem, but the influence of the metal protective grid installed on it. If you carefully remove it, the upper register is aligned and softened, "air", at the same time, becomes cleaner and more natural, the detailing improves.

Focal Chorus 726 Floor standing speakers photo