Sound Dynamics RTS-7 Floor standing speakers

The Canadian company used in the RTS series loudspeakers a simple and very effective means of dealing with the wave resonances of the internal volume, making the body trapezoidal. And one of the main advantages of Sound Dynamics RTS-7 was the high sound transparency, which largely depends on the quality of the case and weakly changed when adjusting the volume level, which already indicates a low level of nonlinear distortion. This valuable feature is reinforced by a perfectly tonally balanced transfer of the MIDs. A well-filled bass sometimes seems a bit lusher than the original source requires, especially if this source is a concert classic. But in a less demanding material this contributes to an enhanced sense of depth, while the lower limit of the range is quite decent. Note that, despite some emphasis, the bass did not make the musical picture completely even on fragments rich with low frequencies. Contrary to the regular assumptions that follow from the analysis of the frequency response, the high frequencies did not stand out against the general background. On the contrary, sometimes there was a feeling of lack of brightness in the image, usually identified with a lack of high frequencies. Let us clarify that the mentioned lack of brightness rose mainly in the live recordings of rock artists. In general, there was an opinion about the high reliability of the image synthesized by Sound Dynamics RTS-7. The overall impression was enhanced by quite good spatial characteristics of the stage image. The loudspeaker is quite versatile, but classic rock and roll and jazz are especially good for it.

Sound Dynamics RTS-7 Floor standing speakers photo