Sound Dynamics R 616 Floor standing speakers

The Sound Dynamics R 616 is a three-way bass-reflex loudspeaker system with two output ports, one located on the front panel and one on the rear wall, which should be considered when positioning the system (there should be free space between the rear panel and the listening room wall). Diameter of the hard dome of the high-frequency head is 25 mm. For the organization of the lower and middle parts of the range are used drivers with polypropylene cone cones with a diameter of 165 mm. The recommended power range of the amplifier is 15-175 W per channel, the rated power is 150 W. You can bi-wiring and bi-amping connections. The speakers look great, moreover, greater depth, justified by the choice of acoustic enclosure (two phase-inverter ports) gives them more solidity. Total dimensions of the speakers - 220x855x350 mm. Frequency response gives a portrait of a very good system. Greatly performs its part of the range of the rigid tweeter. At a cutoff frequency of 22 kHz the unevenness of the response here is not more than ±2 dB. In the lower part of the range unevenness increases slightly, reaching values of ±3dB. To some extent, the overall favorable picture is blurred by the sharp (over 10 dB) difference in sensitivity in the range from 120 to 80 Hz, which, apparently, can be attributed to the driver, responsible for this area. Acoustic design perfectly copes with its task, providing a decent lower limit of the range. An attentive and experienced listener may feel a slight discomfort on music programs, where the bass is not intended to overwhelm, but to perform melodic and inherent organizing functions. This discomfort associated with a feeling of slightly intrusive pressure from the lower part of the spectrum is not irreversible and is easily compensated by a wide range of advantages of the system, which in addition to the above include low non-linear distortion, excellent dynamic range. Speakers give accurate and transparent sound with a detailed rendering of the volume. The system sensitivity is about 86 dB. There is some redirection of the tweeter in the highest frequencies, so when placing the speakers, you should take into account the position of the listener. The nominal impedance according to our data is about 7 ohms (8 ohms according to the data sheet). The frequency of the bass-reflex tuning is 50 Hz.

Sound Dynamics R 616 Floor standing speakers photo