Focal-JMlab Chorus 714 S Floor standing speakers

The French company Focal-JMlab is famous among audiophiles by high-quality speaker systems, built on the base of unique technical solutions. Chorus 714 S was not an exception. These speaker systems are built by 2.5-way scheme with bass-reflex port on the front panel. A unique tweeter made of aluminum-magnesium alloy with inverted dome is used in Chorus 714 S - the exclusive development of the company. The tweeter from such alloy is superior to analog titanium one by the degree of elasticity and the coefficient of internal damping. Two MF/LF speakers are made by Polyglass technology - paper diffuser is covered with microgranules of silicon, providing dynamical and deep bass with minimal distortions. The basket of these heads is made of special aluminum alloy with increased vibration-damping characteristics. To divide bands there is a passive crossover with a slope of 12 dB/oct, made by OPC (Optimum Phased Crossover) technology. Spring terminals for connecting to an amplifier look surprisingly modestly for such speaker system. Nevertheless, they require the wire of quite large cross-section and support "banana" connectors.

One of the most typical features of Focal-JMlab Chorus 714 S sound is the combination of beautiful, silky, crystal upper case with transparent, high informative, slightly cold middle. If you draw an analogy with painting, the transfer of details by this French pair on these frequency intervals can be compared with etching (the sharpness and accuracy of details, perfect separation of voices) and watercolor (clarity, transparency of timbre colors). The details of electro compositions are quite impressive. The overall sound color is perceived like pleasantly lightened and slightly cool that is actually typical for Focal product of this and other lines. A bit warmer bass and lower middle nicely contrast with other registers, "heat" the flavor. Chorus 714 S play very correctly, with distinct elaboration of details in all registers. Bass does not penetrate into significant depth, is not very tight and powerful - albeit the register is delicately integrated in the overall system. Musical stage is compact, dynamical range is quite wide.

Chorus 714 S will be suitable to whose, who value the ability of speaker system to convey subtle sonic nuances of different recordings.

Focal-JMlab Chorus 714 S Floor standing speakers photo