Mission M33i Floor standing speakers

M33i comes from the line of initial level, M3i, by Mission. Seemingly simple, unpretentious design, in fact, contains a lot of advanced design solutions. The body is assembled from two U-shaped panels, which complement each other to a closed configuration. This arrangement was chosen as a result of research, which has proven its excellent damping characteristics. Only two speakers are used in the speaker system. The bass-reflex's port is located on the rear wall. The dome of the 28-mm tweeter made of woven material, Viotex, which combines unusual lightness and high rigidity. A neodymium magnet and a ferromagnetic fluid for better heat sink are used in the tweeter. A monolithic concave diffuser of MF/LF-driver is made of a mixture of acrylic fibers and soft filler. On the rear panel there are two pairs of convenient screw terminals. The set includes adjustable metal spikes.

Sound. One of the most notable features of the musical nature of the British pair is its ability to subtly and convincingly convey timbral colors, mainly the sound of classical instruments included in symphonic orchestra. Piano sounds exactly through registers, deep in tone, balanced in color; cello - flexibly, warm, with a beautiful vibrato; violin - widely and flexibly; trumpet - with the golden echo; drums - dry and clear. By their energy and LF features this model is the closest to speaker system of shelf class. Mission M33i best transfers musical compositions for small groups; records of the quartets, chamber vocal ensembles, choirs sound excellent. The music stage is small, compact, airy, and transparent. In a dynamic area the system copes best with the microrelief.

Mission M33i Floor standing speakers photo