Onkyo TA-6510 Cassette deck

A three-motor tape drive mechanism with two capstans and a closed path, three heads, Dolby B and C noise reduction, an effective HX Pro system and Accubias proprietary bias current adjustment system - this is not a complete list of technical solutions that determine the high quality of Onkyo TA-6510. Recently, cassettes have been produced not only for the standard duration of C-60 or C-90, but also for many intermediate values. This is done so that only one CD can be copied onto such a cassette, so that there are no empty sections of the tape left. In order to correctly count the real time for such tapes, both elapsed from the beginning and remaining to the end, one of 10 (!) Cassette duration values from 46 to 120 minutes can be specified in advance in the TA-6510. To simplify finding the required fragment on the tape, you can enable the search for any of the fragments, but no further than 15 forward or backward. And you can repeat playback not only of the whole side of the cassette, but also of the selected fragment of the recording. Although the search system works reliably with a pause of about 5 seconds, it is possible to turn on the mode of creating a longer pause in the tape recorder. Some inconvenience may be the lack of indication of the type of tape used. Remote control is possible via a proprietary system bus from an Onkyo multifunctional amplifier or receiver. According to the measurement results, the unevenness of the amplitude-frequency characteristic of the Onkyo TA-6510 tape recorder turned out to be one of the smallest: only 1 dB in the measurement band.

Onkyo TA-6510 Cassette deck photo