Tangent EVO E8 Subwoofer

Evo E8 sub literally shines by the piano lacquer finish. Such coating gives a seemingly simple cubic form, albeit with slightly rounded edges, a special charm, so the lovers of elegant things must fully appreciate this style. As for the rest the subwoofer quite corresponds to beliefs about inexpensive but qualitative device. Small sizes and volume allowed using the speaker of only eight-inch caliber, but its diffuser has quite a big move that gives a hope for decent power.

The power of built-in amplifier isn't also record - the nominal is only 90 W. However, this model doesn't design for the lovers of extreme sound pressure, so this parameter can be considered as quite normal. Both separate LFE-input and a full set of high-class terminals of spring type are provided for the integration in any system. The acoustic design is closed (that is rarely used in budget segment), where the tendency of receiving maximum quantity of bass dominates, often sacrificing its quality.

After short acquaintance with low-frequency possibilities of Evo E8 sub it becomes clear that the true purpose of this model is the work in combination with multi-channel system with compact satellites or with shelf monitor speakers. Such conclusion is easy to make due to quite modest entry in the subsonic area, not giving the possibility to feel the bass by whole body. Nevertheless, the work in the main operating band is extremely successful. Due to the design of "the closed box", the transfer of attack and fire rate is on the top. In general, musical possibilities of this subwoofer are just amazing for its class.

The work in theatre mode is not so unmistakable. Limited possibilities for development of extreme bottom a bit smooth the drama of current events but give the imagination of the main narrative twists and turns. In the sound of this "kid" there is no any drabness in the presentation of sound effects. To be honest, the most scaled of them certainly are not equal to it, but the rest of everything is passed quite well. We can bravely recommend Evo E8 sub firstly to the lovers of music and concert video, having a small listening room, where the device is able to show itself big as life.

Tangent EVO E8 Subwoofer photo