Tangent Evo E5L On-wall speakers

The popular EVO series of the Danish Tangent brand found the place for several models of wall-mounted speaker system, with one of which we will get acquainted today. EVO E5L loudspeakers are produced in two colors (black or white gloss) and easily mounted on the wall with a help supplied brackets. High-quality dynamical heads are used in the systems, which are also used in other models of the series. Despite of the narrowed front panel, the developers managed to put on it a 13-cm bass head with the diffuser made of fiberglass. It works in bass-reflex design (the port is in front), which extends the lower border of the band up to respectable 65 Hz. Among the advantages of an inch tweeter we will mention a silk dome with damping impregnation and neodymium magnetic system of the increased power.

Speaking about bass potential, Tangent Evo E5L are comparable with good shelf monitor speakers and do not inferior in other respects too. For example, we can note well-drawn and precise upper case, perfectly harmonizing with the rest of the spectrum. Mid frequency range is also transferred very correctly. In vocals you feel subtle tonal picture and detailing, and natural instruments are perceived vividly and naturally. There were no any problems with forming of sound space too. The speaker systems create quite ordered and scaled sound field, in which the imaginary images are easily identified.

Tangent Evo E5L On-wall speakers photo